Did youknow....?

Did you know that the proteins in cooked ham are more digestible?

The heat treatment in its production process causes changes to the structure of its proteins and makes them more digestible.

Did you know that the body assimilates at least 4 or 5 times more iron from meat than from vegetable-based products?

Whereas the human body can absorb 25% of the iron from meat, such as ham, it only assimilates between 1% and 5% of the iron mineral from certain vegetables, milk and eggs. The proportion improves when the vegetable iron is combined with antioxidants such as vitamin C.

Did you know that cooked ham made with white pork does not contain more than 5% fats, whereas Iberian ham contains 16%?

Despite the main inconvenience that is attributed to eating pork lying in the presence of certain fats (characteristic of foods of animal origin), it should be remembered that cooked ham is made with considerably lean meat as the fattest parts are removed.

Did you know that LA SELVA cooked ham contains a lower percentage of cholesterol than the original pork meat?

Thanks to its careful production process, cooked ham contains a lower percentage of cholesterol than the pork from which it comes.

Like all products of animal origin, cooked ham contains cholesterol but, as can be seen in the third table in the above window, it’s one of the meat products that has the least and is therefore one of the most suitable for people who have to keep an eye on their cholesterol intake. In addition, pork fat and cooked ham by extension is not one of the most saturated. Also, in recent years, genetic selection has enabled us to produce leaner pork with a lower fat content.