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Cut products

More than ever, LA SELVA is synonymous with quality. Under its logo appears the most extensive variety of top-range cooked hams: from tinned ham, the most classical and exquisite of presentations, through the both austere and natural LA SELVA ham, the phosphate-free option, and smoked ham to Iberian ham.

This select range is completed by other of the company's classics, both our own and from outside, such as cured loin, Catalan botifarra sausage, pancetta, chopped pork and Italian-style mortadella, and emerging items such as bacon and turkey breast. They all have a common denominator in that they have all been made with the
utmost care and faithfulness to their origins with a view to ensuring a really great culinary product far removed from commercial determinants. Only a company such as LA SELVA, leader in the sector and with latest-generation facilities, can offer this.


Unit sale products

The demand for sausages in
domestic consumer units is unstoppable. In this segment too, LA SELVA offers quality, originality and innovation. The flagship of these attributes are the 'Cooked Ham Roll-ups', a very popular product throughout the whole of Spain, which offers consumers convenience and freshness.

The name of the iconic ham cooked in a mould extends to a whole commercially-focused range. Premium cooked ham, the head of the York family, completed by cooked shoulder ham and sandwich slices. Following on in order of importance are the bacon cooked in a mould and the cooked sausages mortadella and chopped pork and cured sausages: dry sausage and salami.

Each one meets the final quality care requirements that has always distinguished Joaquim Albertí S.A. and that has an optimum functionality as added value: regularity, ease... the right taste and highly competitive. Items that Joaquim Albertí S.A. can offer today with its over 28,000 m² of facilities equipped for optimum production management.

Founded in 1895, this centenary brand is a benchmark for cured meat sausages. As an iconic product and the result of over a hundred years' experience, the dry country sausage, with its intense flavour thanks to its long curing, the pork sausage and the Grèvol I are an example of the wide selection of cured products.

Also of note are the products with pepper or fine herbs, which imbue them with a more traditional and intense flavour and a superb finish.